VRS Vented Cooling Hood (FRP+Carbon) for 2008-13 BMW M3 [E92] VBB-9205


2008-13 BMW M3 [E92]

Vented Cooling Hood, FRP and Carbon for the BMW E92 M3

VRS Part Number: VBB-9205

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VRS Vented Cooling Hood (FRP+Carbon) for 2008-13 BMW M3 [E92] VBB-9205


  • Uses OEM BMW Strikers, Emblems & Hood Dampers
  • Comes complete with rain covers
  • Functional Heat Extraction Duct reduces engine bay temperatures
  • Reduces weight by up to 2kg vs Stock (OEM Hood: 9.8kg ; VRS Carbon: 7.8kg ; Carbon: 8.8kg)

This lightweight FRP + carbon cooling bonnet is designed and manufactured by VRS, a company by Varis. This product is designed specifically for the BMW E92 M3, giving the vehicle an aggressive appearance from the front. All Varis hoods are supported with carbon composite materials to ensure a rigid and strong cooling bonnet. This product is lightweight, composed of carbon, and increases cooling with the vents.

This hood is designed to allow the use of the OEM striker, emblems and dampers.

The water temperature and oil temperature during the circuit and high-speed driving can be lowered reliably, and the removable duct cover is provided to prevent rainwater from entering. The water accumulated in the cover is designed to fall around the radiator core support through the inner rib.

A lightweight and high-rigidity carbon bonnet with 3K twill carbon on the surface and 12K plain weave carbon for backup using VRS’s unique molding method. In the VSDC manufacturing method, carbon composite is used for the inner rib (back bone) to achieve further weight reduction while ensuring higher rigidity.