Varis Rear Diffuser Cover (Varis x Original Runduce) for 2009-11 Nissan GT-R (CBA) [R35] VANI-039


2009-11 Nissan GT-R (CBA) [R35]

Varis x Original Runduce Collaboration Rear Diffuser Cover for R35 Nissan GT-R

Varis Part Number: VANI-039

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Varis Rear Diffuser Cover (Varis x Original Runduce Collaboration) for 2009-11 Nissan GT-R (CBA) [R35] VANI-039



This carbon fiber piece mounts to the center of the CBA-R35 rear under spoiler to add a subtle flair.

This collaboration between JDM tuning superpowers Varis Japan and Original Runduce has led to the creation of a truly unique bodykit that brings the styles of these two iconic design houses together for an epic aero kit.

To round out the aesthetics of the GT-R, Original Runduce collaborated with Varis to complement the R35’s bodylines. Keeping with the streetcar focus, the selection of carbon-fiber pieces adds just enough flair to the GT-R without looking like a time attack car that forgot to go back to the track.