Varis Magnum Opus Lightweight Hood for 2017-19 Lexus LC500 [Z100] VBLE001V


2017-19 Lexus LC [Z100]

Varis Magnum Opus Lightweight Hood for Lexus LC [Z100]


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Varis Magnum Opus Lightweight Hood for 2017-19 Lexus LC [Z100] VBLE-001V


  • Looks like OEM Hood, but in Carbon Fiber or VDSC
  • Weighs 10lbs Less than OEM Hood (VDSC is 19lbs Lighter!)

Weight Savings: ~10lbs (OEM hood – 13kg /~29lbs; Varis VSDC hood – 8.5kg /~19lbs)

Reduce weight versus the OEM metal hood by replacing it with this lightweight version, produced in twill weave VSDC carbon fiber.

The aero parts are beautifully designed without greatly destroying the original atmosphere of the LC500, and the variable rear wing mechanism that comes standard with the Type S grade can also be used. Announced sophisticated aero parts that added ducts to the bonnet and front fender, set a rear diffuser, and pursued functions.

NOTE: photos show ducted version of the hood. The Lightweight Bonnet (this listing) has a similar appearance to the OEM Lexus hood.

Varis Part Number: VBLE-001V