VRS Carbon Euro Edition GT Wing for 1992-99 BMW M3 [E36] VGW03-143SA-C


1992-99 BMW M3 [E36]

VRS GT Wing, Euro Edition, Carbon for the BMW E36 M3


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Designed by VRS, a company by Varis for the BMW M36 M3, the GT wing comes in many different combination of sizes, categorized by the wing height. Under carbon, consumers can choose between standard size, 230mm or 225mm or high, 290mm. Width between mount is 720mm, 1430mm wingspan, and 190mm mount width. The standard 230mm mount height is given both the A-type and B1-type mount: A-type: VGW03-143SA-C // B1-type: VGW03-143SB1-C Please call if consumers are interested in the 225mm or 290mm version of the GT Wing.


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