Varis Euro Wing 1430mm, All Carbon, Standard 225mm, B2 Type


Euro Wing 1430mm, All Carbon, Standard 225mm, B2 Type by Varis

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Varis’ GT Wings are available in a variety of materials, width, length, size and type. Mounts are all different, some are compatible with OEM trunk, and others, with Varis trunk. Varis GT Wing mounts are also available in carbon or FRP.

Consumers have the choice of choosing between standard or high wing height. The GT Wing gives an aggressive appearance to the car, whereas the Euro Wing gives a slight luxurious impression. Wing sizes ranges from 1270mm to 1600mm in length.

Consumers can choose the wing height with the wing length, as well as the type (how the wing looks). Different combinations have different pricing.

If interested, please contact us at Bulletproof Automotive for more information regarding pricing, fitment, shipping costs, as well as installation recommendations.

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