Varis Cooling Bonnet (Hood) for FMIC for 2015-19 Subaru WRX [VAB] VBSU-133


2015-19 Subaru WRX [VAB]
WITH Front Mount Intercooler – Cannot be used with top mount IC.

Varis Part Number: VBSU-133V/C/F


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Varis Cooling Bonnet (Hood) for Front-Mount Intercooler for 2015-19 Subaru WRX [VAB] VBSU-133


  • Functional Heat Extraction Vents Reduce Engine Bay Temperatures
  • Lightweight Construction Reduces Weight
  • Allows you to convert Top Mount Intercooler to a Front Mount Intercooler

Get more performance out of your VAB with dramatically improved cooling for the engine bay. Featuring heat extraction vents and lightweight construction, this hood is available in VSDC (Varis Semi-Dry Carbon), Carbon Fiber (half-carbon), and FRP.

Not for use with top-mount intercoolers.

Varis Part Numbers: VBSU-133V + VBSU-133C + VBSU-133F