Varis Cooling Bonnet (Hood) for 2015-19 VW Golf GTI [MK VII] VBW-101V/C


2015-19 VW Golf R [MK VII]

Varis Cooling Bonnet (hood) for Volkswagen Golf R Mk 7

Varis Part Numbers: VBW-101V + VBW-101C


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Varis Cooling Bonnet (Hood) for 2015-19 VW Golf R [MK VII] VBW-101V/C


  • Functional heat extraction vents reduce engine bay temperatures
  • Optional VDSC Construction reduces weight by 22lbs vs OEM
  • Includes Rain Covers

Designed to give the somewhat vanilla Mk 7 Golf R the Euro-tuner aesthetic better suited to its character, the Varis cooling hood offers a significant improvement over stock in both performance and style. Added vent helps to decrease underhood temperatures by extracting hot air. Available in either carbon fiber or VSDC (Varis Semi-Dry Carbon Fiber) construction with included rain covers.

The VSDC version saves 10kg / 22 lbs of weight over the OEM metal hood (6.5kg / 14lbs vs. 16.5kg / 36lbs).

The 2L turbo 4WD EVO and WRX are also lineup models in from Varis, but the Mk 7 VW Golf R  is also a popular model in the same category, and made its debut under the VARIS brand at Tokyo Auto Salon 2019.

With design that emphasizes the function in both appearance and design, the rear section that smooths airflow on the underside of the vehicle, the cooling bonnet creates a cooling effect and the front splitter designed to improve the front downforce.

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Varis Part Numbers: VBW-101V/C