Varis Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser w/ Shroud Set for ZN8 Toyota GR86


2022+ Toyota GR86 – Varis Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser with Shroud Set

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Varis Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser w/ Shroud Set for ZN8 Toyota GR86

The Varis Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser is an ideal choice for any sports car enthusiast with a 2022 Toyota GR86. It gives the vehicle the sporty, aggressive look you desire while providing extra downforce to help keep it on the road. Its light and reliable carbon fiber construction makes sure this diffuser will last no matter how rough of roads you take and its unique design grabs attention wherever it goes.

The Power of Carbon Fiber

  • The diffuser is designed to reduce drag by smoothing the transition of air from the high-velocity airflow underneath the car to the much slower freestream airflow of the ambient atmosphere. It also helps to increase downforce, which improves stability and traction, especially at higher speeds. The diffuser & shroud can be selected to be constructed of Varis’ Carbon fiber in either full or half options, lightweight and strong material often used to produce their high-performance products. It is used to reduce weight and increase strength and stiffness while maintaining the same volume.


The newest carbon+ fiber rear diffuser for the GR86 is of a high quality and provides increased downforce while also being remarkably lightweight yet incredibly strong. It’s truly an amazing engineering feat that has led to some remarkable gains in the automotive industry, allowing for higher top speeds at lower weights than ever before possible.


2022+ Toyota GR86 – ZN8

About Varis

For more than four decades, Varis has been building and producing aeronautics products. The company’s track record in the industry is quite well-established. With years of involvement in racing activities, Varis have obtained various knowledge and expertness related to using carbon fibers for their manufacturing process with a focus on original designs that continue being perfected each day through handmade production means. To show its commitment to quality without depending too much heavily on machines; offering only services found exclusively among Japanese craftsmanship — thus aiming to become globally recognized as they offer values made exclusively by human hands all over world valued as something “truly Made In Japan”.

Varis & Super GT

  • The link between VARIS and Super GT originated in 1998 when they supplied aerodynamic parts to cars taking part in the All Japan Championship – which was prior to Super GT.
  • They took part in designing aero dynamic systems for machines such as R33 GT-R, AE86 and SW20 despite of an extensive introduction beforehand.
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