Varis Arising-II Side Skirt + Underboard for 2017-19 Honda Civic Type R [FK8] VAHO-023


2017-19 Honda Civic Type R [FK8]

Varis Arising-II Side Skirt Set with Underboards for FK8 Honda Civic Type-R

Varis Part Numbers: VAHO-023

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Varis Arising-II Side Skirt/Underboard for 2017-19 Honda Civic Type R [FK8] VAHO-020

Designed to bring the already aggressive FK8 Civic Type R to the next level, the Varis Arising II body kit for the FK8 Civic Type R pulls inspiration from the factory aero touches and then dials them up to 11, yet doesn’t go overboard for a look that’s more Circuit Race than Pikes Peak.

This 4 piece set is 2 side skirts and 2 under boards.

Canards not included and sold separately.

Now available!