RIDOX Aero Kit for 1993-2002 Toyota Supra [JZA80]


1993-2002 Toyota Supra [JZA80]

RIDOX Max Orido bodykit for JZA80 Toyota Supra by Varis

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RIDOX Aero Kit for 1993-2002 Toyota Supra [JZA80]

The absolute last of the complete Ridox kits for the Supra. This is a once in a lifetime kit as many of these components have been discontinued.

Developed in partnership with racing driver Max Orido and Varis, the Ridox aero kit for the JZA80 Supra dials up the track car aesthetic and transforms the MK IV Supra from Grand Tourer to Touring Car.

Kit contains:

Ridox, JZA80, Front Bumper, FRP, PN: RDTO-001
Ridox, JZA80 Supra, Canards, Full Carbon, PN: RDTO-011
Ridox, JZA80 Supra, Front Diffuser, Full Carbon, PN: RDTO-007
Ridox, JZA80, Front Fender Set, 30mm Over, FRP, PN: RDTO-006
Ridox, JZA80 Supra, Front Fender Panel, Carbon, PN: RDTO-013
Ridox, JZA80 Supra, Side Skirts, FRP, PN: RDTO-002
Ridox, JZA80 Supra, Side Skirt Under Board Carbon, PN: RDTO-014
Ridox, JZA80 Supra, Rear Fender Set, 50mm Over, Carbon Under, PN: RDTO-009
Ridox, JZA80 Supra, Rear Mud Guard, FRP, PN: RDTO-003

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