Magnum Opus (’19 Version) Kit for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]


Varis Magnum Opus (’19 Version) Aero Kit for 2017+ R35 Nissan GT-R


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The “Magnum Opus” installed in this R35 GT-R that such Varis is developing as a high-end aero series for streets. Based on the concept of “adult sports cars that can be used in luxury hotels”, the R35’s personality is highlighted.

Looking at the details, the front gained power by increasing the volume of the bottom part while taking advantage of the baseline of the 2017 model genuine bumper. Equipped with a cooling panel for both functionality. The ’19 version kit can be installed on the previous and mid-term models.

The front fender is 25mm wide on one side, and trim is added to the rear fender.

The side is armed with side skirt Ver.2, which creates a solid line from the front to the rear with three-dimensional modeling. The two-piece structure of the skirt body and underboard allows for replacement of parts for repairs in the event of an emergency.

The rear bumper consists of a main body, an underskirt, and an underpanel. In the demo car, the bumper body is painted. The muffler with the wide tail vertically stacked is one-off of the technical garage Sasaki.

These built-up aero systems have a strong aerodynamic effect, but Varis has put more tricks into it. That is “chopped carbon”, which is attracting attention to this new generation of carbon.

Chopped Carbon is used in Lamborghini’s Sesto element for interior and exterior, and for Prius PHV as a reinforcing member. This is the first time this method has been used for aftermarket parts in Japan. Characterized by a marble-like marble pattern, it is formed by compacting finely cut carbon fibers with resin, instead of a general mesh-patterned carbon sheet. While high rigidity is obtained, it is said that a high level of technical ability to cope with deformation is also achieved.

Product: Material: Manufacturer Part Number:
Full Kit (Chopped Carbon Version) FRP + CHOPPED CARBON
Front Bumper, Version 3 FRP+CARBON VANI-241C
Double Canard Set for Front Bumper Version 3 CARBON VANI-244C
Side Skirt Set, Version 2 FRP+CARBON VANI-245C
Rear Bumper, Version 2 FRP+CARBON VANI-247C
Front Fender, Version 3 FRP+CARBON VANI-249C
Rear Fender Trim, Version 2 CARBON VANI-240C
Rear Wing CARBON VANI-238
Cooling Bonnet, ’17 VSDC VBNI-122
Vertical Fin Set for Rear Bumper, Version 2 (4-pieces) CARBON VANI-248C
LED Caution Lamp for use with Varis Rear Bumper, Version 2 VLUN-001

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